Why Choose Cirrus Data Cloud for Migration?

To ensure maximum flexibility in migration management as well as the lowest possible impact to production workload, Cirrus Data Cloud provides a number of unique features:

Cloud-based web portal management

Portal management app is always up-to-date, with no need to install management clients
Single pane of glass for all migration- and user-related activities
Users can invite other role-specified users to assist with migration tasks and monitoring
Migration projects can include hundreds or thousands of hosts organized into waves
Zero-downtime deployment and migration

Deployment is launched by a single command line run at each host which contains a project-specific identifier

Project identifier can be deployed using enterprise-scale automation tools such as Ansible or Terraform
Zero-downtime copying of source block device to destination block device

Unparalleled automation tools

Auto discovery of all participating hosts
Automatic organizing of hosts into projects
Auto-creation of destination devices using Storage Plugins (available for Pure Cloud Block Store and many other optimized cloud virtual storage vendors)
LVM structure auto-mapping, allowing one-click selection of all pertinent PV extends for a given VG/LV
iQoS self-learning smart-throttling to ensure impact to product I/O is within the desired limit during migration

Easy backout

Reversible cut-over (for trying out new storage without committing)

Simple licensing

Pay-as-you-go capacity, charged solely for the actual amount of data migrated
Discounts available for large pools of capacity purchased
Host-based or enterprise licenses also available
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