Using Cirrus Migrate Cloud via Management Relay

Cirrus Data Cloud Management Relay (CDC-Relay) can be used to for hosts to deploy Cirrus Migrate Cloud and subsequently communicate with Cirrus Data Cloud without a direct outbound connection.

This article describes the procedure to install CMC via a CDC-Relay. To learn more about CDC-Relay including the common use cases, please see What is Cirrus Data Cloud Management Relay?

Activating Management Relay

Cirrus Data Cloud Management Relay can be activated on any hosts with Cirrus Migrate Cloud (CMC) installed (both Windows and Linux), regardless of whether the host will be used in migration.

Once CMC is deployed to the host intended to be the management relay, and registered to Cirrus Data Cloud, the following steps can be followed to activate the management relay server:

Go to your project and click on Migration Hosts on the side menu. Confirm that your host intended to be a management relay is listed and shown as Online.

Click on the name of the host, and select the tab Management Relay.

Specify the network address of the management relay server, and click on Activate CDC-Relay. A list of network interfaces will also be available for selection. This address should be what other hosts will use to deploy Cirrus Migrate Cloud.

The server address specified here is solely used in the installation command generation process only. The actual management relay server listens on all network interfaces.

Activating CDC-Relay

Once CDC-Relay is activated, you should see the following screen.

CDC-Relay Activated

Every clients connected, or attempted to connect, to the relay will be shown under Connected Clients.

Cirrus Data Cloud Management Relay is now activated. CMC software can be deployed to other hosts via this relay. Every hosts installed via the relay will automatically be configured to communicate with Cirrus Data Cloud via the same relay.

Do not forget to configure your firewall to allow incoming network traffic to the management relay server port 4943 and 4944 (for Windows CMC Deployment)

Installing CMC via Management Relay

Once a management relay is activated, other hosts can now deploy CMC via the host with the relay.

Go to the Migration Hosts page from the side menu. Click on Deploy Cirrus Migrate Cloud on the top right corner.

Instead of showing the installation commands immediately, a new dialog will popup. Select via Management Relay and continue.

Connectivity Selection

Next step, select the management relay to be used.

Select Management Relay

Once a relay is selected, the usual installation commands screen will show up. Commands here are already customized to be used with the management relay.

Customized Installation Commands

Execute the listed command in your host as usual, and upon completion, CMC will be installed and configured to use the management relay when communicating with Cirrus Data Cloud. The newly deployed host should be part of the host list.

Host List

Back to the host with management relay activated, select Management Relay tab on the top, the newly deployed host will now also appear under Connected Clients section.

Connected Clients


This feature is only available with Cirrus Migrate Cloud version 4.0.0 or above


Regular http/https proxies are supported for hosts to connect to Cirrus Data Cloud endpoints as well. See Using HTTP / HTTPS Proxy with Cirrus Migrate Cloud for more info.



Updated on: 11/07/2022

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