For management purposes, Cirrus Migrate Cloud (CMC) sends the following kinds of metadata to Cirrus Data Cloud:

By design, NO PRODUCTION DATA or I/O ever leaves the production network during the entire migration phase. Only server metadata is sent to Cirrus Data Cloud.

Operating System Information
OS Version
Kernel Version
System Timezone

Hardware Information
CPU Model / Speed / Number of Cores
Memory Usage Information
Network Interface Information and Configuration

Storage Configuration Information
Block Storage Devices Information (Output of lsblk in Linux and Get-Disk in Windows)
Mount Point Configuration (used to facilitate cutover operation and for data safety use cases)
Volume Manager Configuration (Storage Space in Windows and LVM in Linux)

Cirrus Migrate Cloud Software Information
Versions of CMC / mTDI installed
Migration Session Configuration and Status
CMC / mTDI logs (can be requested on demand during support session. No sensitive information or any data are included in logs)
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