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How to Transfer License Credits to Project?

License credits can be transferred from user license key to project license key. When license credits are purchased, they are always delivered to your user-level license key. In order to consume the license credits, they have to be transferred to a project.

Once license credits are transferred to a project, they can be consumed by any hosts in the project. These migration sessions may be created by any authorized users in the project.

To learn more about CMC licensing schemes, see Cirrus Migrate Cloud Licensing.

Transferring License to Project License Key

To make a transfer,

Go to your User License Key. Click on your avatar from the top menu and select My License Key.

My License Key

Click on the Export to Project button on the top right corner.

Export to Project Button

Click on Select Project to select the project you would like to transfer to.

Note: You can only transfer licenses from your license key to projects where you possess an admin role or above.

Click on Add License Type and select the type and amount of license credits to be transferred.

Add License Type

Optionally, enter a transaction description for future reference.

Review all the entered information for correctness, and click Export when you are ready.

License Transfer is processed immediately. Credits transferred should already be deducted from your user license key and credited to the project license key. Go to your project, and click on View License Info to confirm that license transfer is completed.


Updated on: 11/07/2022

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