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How to Transfer License Credits Out of a Project?

This article is about transferring license out of a project from the project license key to your user license key. For the other transfer direction, see How to Transfer License Credits to Project?.

Transferring License from Project License key to User License key

Unused license credits can be transferred from a project's license key to your user's license key. This operation is often needed at the conclusion of a migration project, before a project is deleted.

Note: You can only transfer license credits from projects that you possess an admin role or above.

To export license from a project,

Go to your project, under Project Overview, click on View License Info.

From the project license key view, click Export to My User Vault from the top right corner.

From the export license dialog, click on Add License Type to select the type and amount of license credits you would like to transfer.

License Transfer Dialog

Optionally, enter a Transaction Description for future reference.

Review the information entered. When you are ready, click Export.

License transfer should take place immediately. Specified amount should be deducted from project license key and credited back to your user license key immediately.


Updated on: 11/07/2022

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