When a support ticket is opened with Cirrus Data Cloud Support Team, an X-Ray is often requested. An X-Ray is a support package that consists of detailed application logs and runtime data such as migration session status.

Support X-Ray never collects any User/Application Data.

Taking X-Ray from Cirrus Data Cloud
X-Ray can be taken via Cirrus Data Cloud UI. To take an X-Ray, go to your host's details page, click on the hamburger menu on the top right corner, and select Download X-Ray.

Taking X-Ray from UI

Taking X-Ray from Your Host
When troubleshooting network issues or for any reasons that it is not desirable for the host to upload an X-Ray to the cloud, X-Ray packages can also be created locally. This can be done by using the following commands:

# Linux
galaxy-migrate support xray

# Windows (under C:\Program Files\CirrusData\GalaxyMigrate)
galaxy-migrate.exe support xray
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