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How to redeem license codes?

If you have a license redemption code, you can redeem it and new license content will be added to your user license key. See Cirrus Migrate Cloud Licensing Model for more information about licensing.

Redeeming License

To redeem your license code,

Go to your user license key view by clicking on your avatar from the top menu and select My License Key.

Under Billing, select Redeem License

Redeem License

Enter your Code in the dialog box

Enter your license redemption code

Note: You can only redeem the same code once

If successful, you should see the new licenses added to your key.

Redemption Success

Once your new license has been added to your license key, you can transfer them to your migration projects for consumption.

See How to Transfer License Credits to Project? for details.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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