How to Generate Migration Reports?

Migration Reports are print-able and self-contained reports that can be generated from Cirrus Data Cloud for your migration session.

A migration report will include detailed information on a particular migration session, including its configuration, current status/statistics and historic events.

This feature is only available for CMC version 5.1.0 and above

Who Can View/Generate Migration Reports

All members of a project can view all previously generated Migration Reports.
Only Project Admins and Operators can generate reports.

When to generate Migration Reports

Migration reports can be generated on-demand anytime from the creation of the session to after cutover is completed as long as the source migration host is online and connected to Cirrus Data Cloud.

For remote migration where source hosts are likely to be powered off as part of the cutover process, a migration report will automatically be created during final cutover.

How to Manually Generate a Migration Report

Go to a Migration Session's details page, then click on Session Actions on the top right corner, and select Generate Report.

Click Generate Report to generate your report. Optionally, you can enter additional notes that would appear in the report.

A report can be viewed immediately after generation, and it will be stored in the project's Report Page.

Your report is now available for viewing. You can also print the report or save as PDF by clicking Print Report on the top.

How to view previously generated reports

From your Project Page, click Reports on the side menu.

A list of all previously generated reports will be available. You can click on the Report ID link to view the report.

Sample Report

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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