How to automatically reconfigure new host after remote migration?

During remote migration (including compute migration), operating systems are often migrated to different hosts, environments and/or architectures and therefore require configuration changes post-migration. These changes may include driver installations, network configuration changes, clock changes, authentication configuration changes, etc.

Cirrus Migrate Cloud (5.1.0+) provides a convenient mechanism for you to automate these configuration changes. For all remote migration sessions that migrate the boot volume, a post-migration routine script can be added to a migration session configuration. Post-migration routines will be executed on the destination host after cutover.

How to add a post-migration script

When creating or editing your migration session, at the Session Parameter step, scroll down to 5. Configure Post Cutover Startup Script.

In the text box provided, enter the content of your post-migration script.

The maximum size of the script you can enter is 256KiB.


If your source host is Windows, the script entered should be a valid Powershell script.
To test your script manually, you can create a file on Windows with a .ps1 extension with the same content and execute via powershell.exe -file [FILE].ps1 command from command prompt.


If your source host is Linux, the script entered should be a valid Bash script.
To test your script manually, you can copy the same content to a file and execute via bash [FILE] command from your shell session.

When does post-migration script gets executed?

If configured, the post-migration script is added to the destination volume prior to final cutover and scheduled to be executed on next system startup.

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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