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Get Started with Cirrus Data Cloud

Sign Up for Free CMC Account

To sign up for a free Cirrus Migrate Cloud (CMC) account, please visit:

You will need to provide your contact information as well as a valid company (not personal) email address with your company’s email domain. Sorry, will not work!

The following is a quick, high-level outline for using CMC.

Login to the Portal

Open a web browser and navigate to Login using your email and confirmation code.

Initial Housekeeping

Upon login, you will be asked to setup your account:

Once you have completed the first step, you will be at the main page:

To change your profile - including security settings, avatar photo, personal information - and to access your personal license key (aka wallet), click on the red circle with your initials at the top-right.

In order to perform migration, you will need to have purchased a license. Read the article in the licensing section of the CMC Online Help Center for more information about how to obtain a license before you proceed further:

Creating a New Project

To create a new project, click the Create New Project button to launch the Create Project dialog box.

Fill in the required information and click on CREATE PROJECT.

Back at the main page, click on the name of the project (blue text) to open the project.

After opening the project, the GUI will be within the scope of the selected project. To exit back to the main page for a list of all projects, click the top-left on “My Projects”.

Additional Navigation and Functions

From here, there are several available functions:

Click on Migration Hosts to see the complete list of hosts registered with your project, and to get to the Red Button for Deploy Cirrus Migrate Cloud which gives you the Project-specific command to be executed at each host in order for them to show up here.

Click Project Settings for Project level settings and to invite others to join your project (including setting user roles), or to delete the project.

Click Migration Sessions to see the list of all existing Migration Sessions for this project, with summary information on their status and progress, or to create a new one.

Click H2H Connections to pair up another host of this project to perform a remote migration (On-prem to Cloud, Cloud to Cloud, etc, basically any host to any host).

Click Integrations to define a Plug-in for automation such as auto-allocate destination disks for migration. This means providing the access credentials to AWS, AWS-FSx, Azure, NetApp CVO, Pure CBS, Dell PowerMax etc…

Click Logout to exit.

Once a host is registered you can click on the name of the host and create a migration session. For detailed “How-to” documents and to search the Knowledge Base for all questions, use the CMC Online Help Center at:

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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