Dell PowerStore Storage Integration

Cirrus Migrate Cloud provides builtin integration with DellEMC PowerStore Storage.


Dell PowerStore CMC integration provides the following functionalities:
Automatically provision destination volumes from PowerStore over iSCSI or FC
[FC/iSCSI] Automatically configure host mpio configuration
[iSCSI] Automatically configure host's iSCSI initiator configuration


Enabling Integration

To enable integration, go to Cirrus Data Cloud portal and do the following:
Go to the Project you want to enable integration in.
Navigate to Integrations -> Goodies.
Under Dell EMC PowerStore (iSCSI) or Dell EMC PowerStore (FC), click Add.
Provide the integration a descriptive Name, and credentials:
Server Address: the server address of the PowerStore API endpoint
Username: Username of the PowerStore management user account
Password: Password of the PowerStore management user account
Select an existing host with CMC deployed to be used for verifying connectivity.

Add Integration
Click Save. If connection from the specified host to the PowerStore management API is verified and validated, a new integration will be enabled.

Enabled Integrations

Auto Allocation

Once an integration is created, during the creation of a new migration session, you can click on Auto Allocate Destination Volumes to automatically allocate new volumes from PowerStore.

New volumes will be created with same size as the source volume's size
New host entity will be created if not already exists. All host FC initiators (or iSCSI initiator iqns) will be added to the host entity.
If an existing host entity with any of the FC/iSCSI initiators already exists, it will be reused.
Newly provisioned volumes will be assigned to the newly created or existing host entity above.

FC Host Entity created by CMC Integration

iSCSI Host Entity created by CMC Integration

Volumes are automatically created and mapped

Updated on: 11/07/2022

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