Cirrus Migrate Cloud Release Notes

Cirrus Migrate Cloud for Linux and Windows (CMC) is the software package deployed to a Linux/Windows Host to facilitate data migration. CMC for Windows and CMC for Linux are always released at the same time. Semantic versioning (SemVar) scheme is used.

Every update may include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and other general reliability improvements. This article highlights what is new and what has changed between each releases, as well as upcoming changes.

The following page may contain information related to upcoming features and products. Those information presented here is for informational purposes only, and should not be used for project planning or purchasing purposes. Please contact support if you need additional information.


[Linux] Added new fixes to properly detect block device sector size on specific environments.


[Linux] X-ray support package now includes additional application logs that facilitate troubleshooting.


This version correctly disallows volumes with mismatched sector size (e.g. destination volumes with 4096 byte sector size) from being selected for migration sessions.


This version increases the timeout values necessary for VMware Compute Migration cutover process.


This version improves CMC support on Windows Server 2008R2. Issues related to BIOS type identification and storage volumes discovery have been resolved.


This version introduces a behavioral change: source volumes are now uninserted and destination volumes are now released when a session is completed. Previously, they are only uninserted and released when a session is deleted.


This version addresses an issue with taking xray in certain windows environment.


Statistics Analyzer

With CMC version 5.1.0, I/O statistics will now be analyzed within the host to provide enhanced migration assessment features. Refer to Cirrus Data Cloud Updates and Changes for more details.

Additional Migration Metrics

New migration metrics and history is now available to provide more insight into your migration activities. These include historic migration and transfer performance and migration timeline events.

Additional Host Information

Number of physical CPU and number of CPU cores are now included in hardware information.

VMware Compute Migration

When new VMs are created for Compute Migration cutover, network configurations including adapter type and MAC addresses are now customizable.


Migration Schedule Support

WIth CMC version 5.0.0, migration schedule can be configured when creating migration session. Refer to Cirrus Data Cloud Updates and Changes for more details.


Ability to Skip Bad Sectors (Windows mTDI 11.3+)

During migration, if there are sector in a volumes that cannot be read, migration session will be in error. A new CLI utility has been added to allow these sectors to be skipped from migration. Given the purpose of this feature is to salvage as much data as possible from a malfunctioning volume, it should be used with caution. Contact support for more details.

Migration Session Error Status Explanations

When a migration session goes into "In Error" state, a new help article will be available to explain the errors in detail.


Migration Auto Re-Sync will not be triggered on volumes in error

Scheduled automatic resynchronization will not be automatically triggered on volumes that encountered synchronization error. This change is made to reduce impact on volumes that are already unhealthy such as having bad sectors, etc.

Other Enhancement / Fixes

💊 [Linux]: X-Rays can now be taken on hosts that have /tmp directory on a different partition


X-Rays are now supported with CDC Management Relay

X-ray packages can now be uploaded to Cirrus Data Cloud via CDC Management Relay.

Other Enhancement / Fixes

💊 [Integrations]: DellEMC integrations will now run on arrays that never performed any health checks.
💊 [Integrations]: Enhanced error messages from DellEMC integration for easier troubleshooting.

Updated on: 19/01/2023

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