Cirrus Migrate Cloud Helper for VMware

What is Cirrus Migrate Cloud Helper for VMware?

Cirrus Migrate Cloud Helper (CMC Helper) for VMware is a virtual appliance (OVA) that can be deployed to VMware environments to facilitate compute migration (vm-level migration) from any migration source (VM, Physical, Cloud, etc.) to VMware.

The virtual appliance can be deployed according to the instructions below and it should automatically register to Cirrus Data Cloud. Once registered, hosts with CMC installed can be seamlessly migrated to the ESXi that the CMC Helper runs on.

Installation Requirements (v1.0.0+)

Operating System: vCenter Server 6.5U3 or higher
Virtual Hardware: 4 vCPU and 6GiB of Memory
Disk Space: 10GiB (Thin Provisioned). This disk is the boot volume of the virtual appliance. Additional disks will be used to store migrated data.
Networking: Single static IP address or DHCP on same network as the vCenter's management network. CMC Helper will invoke VMware management APIs to orchestrate data migration over this network. If required, additional networks can be configured manually for data transfer purposes.

Deploying CMC Helper

To deploy CMC Helper virtual appliance, an OVA package has to be obtained and installed on the migration destination VMware host.

In the vSphere Client, navigate to the ESXi host that is intended as the migration destination, click Action > Deploy OVF Template

Deploy OVF Template Button

Specify the location of the CMC Helper OVA Package. Enter the following download URL:

Alternatively, you can download the installation package and specify via "Local file" option.

Specify OVA URL or Upload Local OVA File

Select a name and folder. Provide a unique Virtual Machine Name and Folder. Click Next once these selections are made.

VM Name and Folder

Select a compute resource. Select your migration destination ESXi host. CMC Helper OVA will be deployed to this host. Click Next once a selection is made.

Select migration destination ESXi Host

Confirm the OVA file being installed is correct.

Select storage. Select the datastore to install the CMC Helper to. This selection does NOT represent where you want to migrate your data to. Destination datastore can be selected for individual migration sessions. You can also select virtual disk format and VM Storage Policy on this screen. CMC Helper will use 10 GiB of space. Click Next once selections are made.

Select storage to deploy CMC Helper to

Select networks. Select appropriate network for CMC Helper VM under Destination Network. If additional networks are to be used for data transfer, they can be configured manually once deployment is completed. Click Next once a selection is made.

vCenter Management Interface must be reachable over this network. CMC Helper will invoke VMware management APIs to orchestrate data migration over this network.

Select vCenter Management Network

Customize template. Enter all the required Host, Networkingand Software fields on this screen. See below for detailed description for each fields. Click Next once all required fields are entered.

Customization Options

Host Configuration

Specify Hostname of the virtual appliance and the admin password.


Specify IP Address and Default Gateway, or select DHCP option
Specify DNS Server(s). Multiple servers can be specified (comma-separated). e.g.,
Optionally, specify HTTPS Proxy URL. This proxy address will be used for CMC installation and outbound connection to Cirrus Data Cloud.


Enter Cirrus Data Cloud Project Registration Code. This 20-digit project-specific code can be obtained by going to Cirrus Data Cloud portal, navigate to your project, and click on Data Migration > Hosts > Deploy Cirrus Migrate Cloud
Other Installation Parameters field should be left blank.

Obtain Cirrus Data Cloud Project Registration Code

Review all selections made in prior steps and click Finish to deploy CMC Helper for VMware.

Once OVA deployment is completed, Power On the newly deployed virtual machine.

After powering on, wait up to 10 minutes for the new CMC Helper to show up in your Cirrus Data Cloud project. Once completed, a new host will show up under your project's Data Migration > Hosts section.


If your newly deployed CMC Helper does not show up in your project 10 minutes after powered on, you can follow the following steps below to obtain the installation log. Contact support for further assistance.

Open the Web/Remote Console to the CMC Helper VM
Login as user cirrus. Depending on the progress of the installation, the password may be either the one you specified when deploying the OVA or the virtual appliance's default password: cdsi2012
View or download the log file /init/init.log
Contact support for further assistance

To retry the installation process, reboot the virtual machine.

Configuring CMC Helper

To finish installation and start migration, go to Cirrus Data Cloud and under Data Migration > Hosts in your project, click on Configure CMC Helper. You will be prompted to enter the IP/Host info and login credentials to the vSphere Account.

Note that the vSphere account must be an administrator in vCenter.

Adding Network Interfaces for Migration Data Transfer

Additional network interfaces can be added to the CMC Helper for migration data transfer.

Adding a new network interface

Navigate to the CMC Helper virtual machine in vSphere Client, click on Edit Settings
Add a new network interfaces and assign it to a network that can reach (or can be reached by) the intended migration source host. See How to establish host-to-host (H2H) network connections for remote migration? for more on remote migration.

Configuring the new network interface

Open the Web/Remote Console of the VM in vSphere Client
Login as user cirrus with the admin password specified during installation.
Modify network configuration files under /etc/netplan according to Netplan Documentations and activate the new network interfaces by running sudo netplan apply

(Feature Roadmap: Ability to configure these additional network interfaces via Cirrus Data Cloud UI will be available soon)

Updated on: 12/12/2022

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