Cirrus Data Cloud Updates and Changes

Cirrus Data Cloud is regularly updated to provide the best possible migration-as-a-service experiences. Every updates may include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and other general user experience and reliability improvements.

In addition to all the behind-the-scene improvements, this article highlights what is new, what is coming soon and what has changed. Note that new features may be gradually rolled out. Thanks for using Cirrus Data Cloud!

The following page may contain information related to upcoming features and products. Those information presented here is for informational purposes only, and should not be used for project planning or purchasing purposes. Features and availability are subject to change. Please contact support if you need additional information.

December 2022

Migration Session Reports

You can now generate on-demand migration reports for your migration sessions. Migration Reports include detailed configuration and current/historic status information about your migration session. See
How to Generate Migration Reports? for more information.

Migration Session Report

Customizable Post-Migration Routines

During remote migration (including compute migration), it is often necessary to reconfigure the new host operating system after migration cutover including network changes, user changes and other system setting changes. With this new feature, you can provide your own customized post-migration routine to your migration session. See
How to automatically reconfigure new host after remote migration? for more information.

VMware Compute Migration (CMC Helper 5.1.0+)

A number of new features have been added to Compute Migration with VMware.

Automatically suggest CPU Core / Socket Configuration based on source host configuration.
Compute migration's default destination virtual machine configuration will now take source host's physical and logical CPU configuration into consideration. It will correctly set the amount of CPU sockets and CPU cores in most common CPU architectures.

Ethernet adapter type / MAC address is now customizable.
When mapping source host's networks to new destination virtual machine's networks, you can now customize the virtual network adapter's type (e1000, e000e, vmxnet3, etc.) and the MAC address. This is desirable for use cases where the new VM's MAC address has to match the original source VM's.

Available on CMC Helper 5.1.0 and after

VMware Compute Migration Fixes

- Inconsistent CMC Helper selection behaviors observed in previous versions have been fixed. With this fix, only CMC helpers that have connectivity to the selected source hosts will be available for selection.

Advanced Migration Statistics (CMC 5.1.0+)

When CMC 5.1.0+ is used for migration, additional migration statistics are now collected. More in-depth data such as average migration rate, average transfer rate, total migration sync time, etc. will be presented from the UI, as well as future reporting capabilities.

Migration Timeline (CMC 5.1.0+)

When CMC 5.1.0+ is used for migration, detailed timeline events will be available to for record keeping purposes. Timeline events will also be available in future reporting capabilities.

Migration Timeline

November 2022

Host Performance Analysis (Windows CMC 5.1.0+)

When CMC for Windows 5.1.0+ is deployed, IO statistics will be analyzed locally within your host. With the new host performance analytics tool, you can visualize these data to gain insight into your host and volumes' IO performance. Statistics will also be used in future reporting capabilities.

September 2022

License Redemption Code

With this update, users can redeem license code over the Cirrus Data Cloud UI without having to contact support. See
How to redeem license codes? for more details

August 2022

Migration Schedule

With this update and the release of Cirrus Migrate Cloud 5.0.0, migration schedule can, optionally, be configured when creating migration session. See How to set up a migration schedule? for more details.

Migration Schedule

July 2022

Diagnostic X-Ray packages can now be sent to support team directly

With this update, once an x-ray is created from the portal, you no longer need to download the file and upload it to our support team.

Remote Assistance to receive support more seamlessly

You can now enable remote assistance permission from your project's settings to allow authorized support / PS representatives from Cirrus to join your project without having to add them individually.

See Can Cirrus Support Team see my projects? for more.

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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