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AWS Marketplace Subscription and Licensing

If you are an Amazon Web Services user, the AWS Marketplace is the easiest way to get started with Cirrus Data Cloud. Once you sign up via AWS Marketplace, your Cirrus Data Cloud user account will be connected to your AWS marketplace subscription and you can start migrating data with Cirrus Migrate Cloud immediately. All licenses added from your subscription to your user license key will be billed through you existing AWS account.

AWS Private Offers are available for Cirrus Data Cloud. Contact our sales team at about your specific needs.
Cirrus Migrate Cloud also offers a free trial for new users. Visit for more information.

The following tutorial will take you through all the steps to get access to Cirrus Data Cloud via AWS Marketplace:

Signup at AWS Marketplace

To get started, login to your AWS account, go to AWS Marketplace and search for Cirrus Migrate Cloud (or click here to go directly to the Cirrus Migrate Cloud product on AWS Marketplace).

AWS Marketplace

Make sure you are logged in to the intended billing account, and click Continue to Subscribe on the top right corner

On the next screen, review the information and click Subscribe.

Start AWS Subscription

Cirrus Data Cloud is now added to your AWS account as a new SaaS Subscription. Click on Set Up Your Account on when prompted and you will be redirect to Cirrus Data Cloud management interface.

Create Cirrus Data Cloud Account

Once you are redirected to Cirrus Data Cloud, connect your account to your AWS Marketplace subscription. Click on Create New Account to proceed.

(Existing User)

If you are an existing user and would like to connect your existing account to your AWS Marketplace subscription, select Connect Account.
Note that once your account is connected to your AWS Subscription, all license transactions will be conducted through your subscription and billed via your AWS account.

Signup or Connect existing account

Next, enter your user information and click Sign Up

Enter User Information

Once your account is created, you will receive an email with instructions to set up your Cirrus Data Cloud account.

Welcome Email

Click on the Set Up Account button from your newly received email and you will be redirected back to Cirrus Data Cloud to create your account password.

Create Password

Once an account is created, you can enable TOTP-based 2FA authentication. See How to Secure my Account with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)? for more info.

Next, login to your new account. After entering your email and password, a 2FA code will be sent to your email.

Once your account is activated, you can enable TOTP-based 2FA authentication from your profile. See How to Secure my Account with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)? for more info.

If you are a new user, complete your user profile on the next screen.

Enter Additional User Information (for new user)

Obtaining Migration Licenses

Once you login, you should be redirected to the Cirrus Data Cloud dashboard. Confirm from the top right corner that your account is connected to an AWS Marketplace Subscription.

Next, click on My License Key. Your license key is a "wallet" where you can obtain migration licenses and transfer to your migration projects.

License Key

Click on Add Migration License to generate new licenses from your AWS account.

Adding Migration Licenses

Once confirmed, licenses will be added to your license key immediately.

That's it! You can now transfer your licenses to your migration projects and start your migration operations.
See How to Transfer License Credits to Project? for how to apply the licenses to your migration projects.

Manage Subscription / Unsubscribe

If you are subscribed via AWS Marketplace, you can manage or cancel your subscription via AWS management console.

Subscription Info


To cancel your subscription, select actions -> Cancel Subscription from the menu.

Once you unsubscribe, you will no longer have the ability to add migration licenses from your AWS account. You can still use the migration licenses in your license key and the migration projects that you are a member of.


After you unsubscribe, you may re-subscribe and connect to your existing account again.

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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